26th Apr

Fashion Central announces the purchase of Love Brands and EU Distribution Agreement

London, 26 April 2024

Fashion Central is excited to announce significant developments in its business operations. In an effort to streamline its current structure and enhance efficiency, Fashion Central has acquired the assets, intellectual property, and work in progress of LoveBrands Limited, the award winning London based fashion agency. Fashion Central UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary by HDMS Fashion Central Limited of Cyprus. Michael Shalders and Hugo Deane continue to head up the larger group and are the main shareholders.

This restructuring comes as HDMS Fashion Central Limited enters into an EU-wide distribution agreement with renowned fashion brand Miss Sixty. Fashion Central, will become the custodian of LoveBrands UK business, will be spearheading the launch of this iconic brand in key European markets including Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. Plans for expansion into additional EU countries are already in motion for future seasons. Furthermore, LoveBrands under the auspices of Fashion Central will continue to distribute popular brands such as Miss Sixty, Guess, Karl Lagerfeld, Joop!, and 19v69 Italia in the UK market.

This strategic acquisition allows Michael and Hugo to consolidate their business operations under one umbrella, facilitating streamlined management of various brands across European markets. With unified ownership of sales, marketing, purchasing, logistics, multilingual customer services, and retail support, the company aims to optimize efficiency and enhance customer experience. Despite the changes, the company plans that the LoveBrands trading name will continue to operate under Fashion Central’s ownership.

Importantly, this restructuring will not result in any material differences in the relationships with clients, sales teams, brands, administrative personnel, or showrooms. Fashion Central is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to its valued stakeholders. For more information about

Fashion Central, and its portfolio of fashion brands, please visit

About LoveBrands: LoveBrands is a leading London based distributor and agency of fashion brands in the UK and Europe. With a focus on delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, LoveBrands has established itself as a trusted partner in the fashion industry. More information see

Contact Information: Michael Shalders, Fashion Central UK Limited, email [email protected]

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